Turn your social media burdens into a profitable asset for your company.


Services Include:

  • Managing all social media accounts connected to your business
  • Professional Ad-Campaigning through Facebook
  • Tasteful promotional offers to give your followers
  • Strategically -timed updates so that your posts will be seen
  • Exclusive access in B2B networking
  • A fun and engaging media platform for your customers
  • Easy 90%
  • Professional 95%
  • Smart 100%

Look more Professional

Professional social media marketing dramatically enhances your overall web presence by connecting with other like minded businesses, gaining endorsements and reaching your exact niche market.

Stay hip

A CNN report showed that web mobile use has doubled since 2009, and there is no sign of it slowing down. The Average American spends about  one day a week on social media.

Make your customers love you

Joining UpFeedr will create a genuine audience that will love what you have to offer and feel extremely connected with your services without you having to click a button.

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